Sinking World was released into the game on January 29, 2010. It was available for a limited time only (less than three days) and was removed from the game on February 1, 2010. Just to the NE of the west-most tile in the center moat was a water tile that was guaranteed to hold either a Lost Aztec Gods or Lost common things treasure. When Sinking World was released, it was the largest map ever in the game, with nearly 1000 tiles. It had no locked areas.

Sinking World

Locked map

Island StatisticsEdit

  • Type of map: Golden
  • Cost to purchase: Free
  • Level required to purchase: None
  • Number of spaces: 969
  • Treasure density: Unlikely
  • Sample number of treasure tiles: 3
  • Gold density: High
  • Sample number of gold tiles: ???
  • Sample amount of gold found: ????? GP
  • Tiles requiring contractors: 25
  • Total number of contractors required: 182
  • Total price of contractors: 27300GP (@150GP each, the price at the time)

Items Discovered on Sinking WorldEdit

(Please note that this is a sampling, and is not meant to be exhaustive.)