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On March 12, 2010, eight new time-limited St. Patrick's Day-related maps were released. The 8 new St Patrick's maps were: Buckle Shoe Island, Clover Island, Harp Island, Horseshoe Island, Lucky Hat Island, Pipe Island, Pot of Gold Bay, and Tankard Island. Found on these maps were 10 St. Patrick's Day-related treasure sets: Celtic mythology figures, Celtic symbols, Celtic treasures, Fomore stone relics, Irish dancing items, Irish symbols, Irish tankards, Leprechaun items 1, Leprechaun items 2, and Lucky charms.

Also released were 7 new Inca maps: Inca Island, Lowlands Basin, Mountain View, Offshore Nook, Old Crossway, River Passage, and Twin Statues. New Inca treasure sets were also released. These eight sets were: Emperor's accessories, Inca agricultural tools, Inca clothes pins, Inca male's clothes, Inca mummies, Inca song, Inca women's clothes, and Priest of Quetzalcoatl items. With the release of these sets, the rarity levels of the previous Inca items were adjusted, some drastically so.

The surprise of this map release, however, were 5 treasure sets related to pirates: Blackbeard's belongings, Long John Silver's belongings, Pirate flags, Pirate useful belongings, and Ship figureheads.

Buckle Shoe Island Edit

Buckle Shoe Island locked

Clover Island Edit

Clover Island locked

Harp Island Edit

Harp Island locked

Horseshoe Island Edit

Horseshoe Island locked

Inca Island Edit

Inca Island locked

Lowlands Basin Edit

Lowlands Basin locked

Lucky Hat Island Edit

Lucky Hat Island locked

Mountain View Edit

Mountain View locked

Offshore Nook Edit

Offshore Nook locked

Old Crossway Edit

Old Crossway locked

Pipe Island Edit

Pipe Island locked

Pot of Gold Bay Edit

Pot of Gold Bay locked

River Passage Edit

River Passage locked

Tankard Island Edit

Tankard Island locked

Twin Statues Edit

Twin Statues locked