Danger Island (locked)

Danger Island

In order to explore the different areas, the player must first purchase maps of those areas. The cost of these maps varies, with some even being free to the player. Some maps are only available for purchase when the player reaches a certain level. Each map also has a series type. Currently, those types are Arawak, Aztec, Nature, Pirate, Fruity, Gold and Mysterious. Another batch of maps were released on December 30, 2009, introducing Mayan maps and treasure to the game.

Other special map series are brought out for particular events. In Jan-Feb 2010 a Valentine's Day series was available and on December 17-18, 2009, nine Christmas maps were released. These islands, however, are only available for a limited time.

List of Arawak MapsEdit

List of Aztec MapsEdit

List of Nature MapsEdit

List of Pirate MapsEdit

List of Mysterious MapsEdit

List of Mayan MapsEdit

List of Fruity MapsEdit

  • Fruity Island
  • Cake Bay
  • Coco Atoll
  • Watermelon Creek

List of Golden MapsEdit

  • Golden Swamp
  • Chest Bay
  • Lost Temple
  • Lucky Coin Island
  • Sinking World

List of Christmas MapsEdit